Happy Valentimes!


No matter your feelings about Valentine’s Day, the current state of your romantic throes, or your particular plans for the lovely event, we can all agree on one prevailing prophecy: wellness is just as much a part of Valentine’s tradition as cupid, crass commercialization, and crippling emotional rejection.


Oh, so you’re of a different mind on the subject? Well… I see you’ve left me no choice. Valentine’s Day is about giving, caring, sharing, and wellness, and if I have to prove it to you, then I certainly will. No matter the Valentine’s fare—fancy meals, decadent chocolates, extravagant bouquets, annual disappointment—we can go about it healthily, happily, and smartly.

A Happy Valentine's Day from Billy Ray Valentine

A Happy Valentine's Day from Billy Ray Valentine and the Dukes

The Daily Green galvanizes our romantic wills with everything we need for a green energy efficient Valentine’s Day. From natural soy candles to organic flowers to fair trade and organic chocolates, they make responsible and earth-friendly wooing possible. Whatever you procure for your significant other, make sure you recycle the wrapping paper too. From there, Real Simple de-stresses Valentine’s Day with a healthy and angst-free menu, complete with a shopping list, crucial deadline tips, and recipes for romantic brownie sundaes and passion-fruit aperitifs. They also present easy Valentine’s Day ideas, like customizing your V-Day candy and cheaply upgrading your otherwise bland flower arrangements. Finally, they slyly list a host of spicy holiday shortcuts, including how to make valentines from household supplies, a rundown on quick Valentine’s treats, and the essentials for the perfect romantic table setting.

The flowers are still standing!

And the flowers are still standing!

When you think about dining on your flawless table, curb any recession pounds that may have emerged and eat healthy on a budget: plan ahead, go local, put meat on the side, or get a slow cooker. A crock-pot is a mean, green, recession-fighting machine, and represents not only a terrific way to inexpensively and nutritionally cook a delectable Valentine’s evening meal, but also a unique, thoughtful, and practical Valentine’s gift. A toaster oven, too, consumes far less energy than a conventional oven and produces cuisine that’s equally divine.

I'm toast without you

Example Valentine's Day sentiment: I'm toast without you

If you’d rather go out for a lavish night on the town for two, steer far clear of the worst 20 foods of 2009 as detailed by Men’s Health. Potential eateries of destination with class and sophistication like Romano’s Macaroni Grill (worst dessert, worst chicken entree, and worst pasta), Outback Steakhouse (worst ribs), and P.F. Chang’s (worst chinese entree) each earn a spot on the list, so be careful out there, lovebirds: choose wisely. Also, due to the holiday’s traditions, you savvy gentlemen should heed Women’s Health’s 20 Worst Foods for Women. If you guide your better half toward the healthiest Starbucks treat or cosmos instead of coladas, and elocute your best français, she’ll no doubt go nose over tail for you.

British sophistication

Love knows no altitude

Since you’ve now obtained all the wellness tips you need for a healthy and successful Valentine’s Day, only one critical ingredient remains: making sure your emotions don’t wreck what you’ve gone to such great lengths to preserve. Managing difficult situations and feelings is a dicey proposition and a task that befuddles us all, so to avoid emotional overeating, stay grounded, put things into perspective, and prepare yourself for a reality check. In addition, Beliefnet presents nine ways to face your fears, and Real Simple relays the February keep-it-together checklist: learn how to overcome seasonal stressors, save money on utilities, get moving, and get an energy boost. Healthline says we  must get outside every day to maintain optimal physical and mental health; if you keep it together, eat right, and live well, you’re laying the framework to transform more than your Valentine’s Day. With a few more smart choices, you can transform your life.



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  1. That last picture spells valentine’s day wrong. Unless they meant valiumtines day?

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