Mother's Day and Mother Earth


Did you know it’s been over a year since we started not-so-semi-regularly updating Wellness360? Hey now! Move over, WebMD! Since we admittedly forgot to timely commemorate this thrilling occasion, let’s do some quick backtracking: one of our first (and favorite) posts centered on Earth Day 2008. It was fun, informative, and Will Smith-friendly—the quintessential Wellness360 post.

I’d love to duplicate that formula, but doing an Earth Day post post-Earth Day is just lazy. However, I’m nothing if not a proponent of a strained segue that masks my inner languor: Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and who’s the fairest mother of them all? If you guessed Mother Earth, we’re probably best friends. So don’t be frightened! Follow my lead, put on your mom jeans, and join Wellness360 as we show you how to enjoy Mom’s day the pro-wellness way.


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Earth Day

Hey, everybody. Today is April 22…

Earth Day!

Founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, the first Earth Day occurred in 1970—38 years ago. The official Earth Day website describes the tradition as “an annual event to celebrate the earth and renew our commitment to building a safer, healthier, and cleaner world.”

In the spirit of Earth Day, the Dallas Morning News links to this article that explores 46 ways to help the environment. Some Williams-Pyro-specific examples include recycling soda cans, printer cartridges, and getting rid of screen-savers—it takes more energy to run a screen-saver than it does to have your computer go into low-power mode, and contrary to popular belief, screen-savers do not extend the life of your monitor. Fascinating indeed.

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