Summer Vacation Tips

Since the blog itself recently took a vacation of its own—and because wellness360 is nothing if not topical—let’s discuss how to maintain optimal health while in the midst of your dream vay-cay. Traditionally, summertime is the most popular time of the year for an extended hiatus. So, whenever you inevitably saunter out, by land, sky, or sea, on a sabbatical, LOA, or holiday, try to maintain the healthy routine you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. For guidance, feel free to heed our handy blueprint:

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Safe Summer Fun

The summer season begets outdoor fun for the whole family, like biking, hiking, sailing, or swimming. These activities enable us to stay healthy, get in shape, increase or maintain physical activity, and enjoy the summer scenery. However, these endeavors are not without their share of perils.

Although the summertime is a fun time, the time to sit back and unwind, it’s also a time to stay safe and heighten safety awareness. Heathline offers up 5 essential bike safety tips, while this article from Women’s Health details all of the precautions one must take to ensure fun and safety not only while cycling, but also while lounging—seemingly innocently—in the water or in the sun.

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Do The Right Thing: Eat Healthy This Summer

Burgers, brats, franks, ice cream, cocktails—if you’re not careful, these summer staples can transform themselves into a one-way ticket to Obesityville, USA, population: you. Fortunately, Wellness360 has all the news you need to know to avoid that hefty moving fee and do the right thing.

Men’s Health passes down a whole menu of healthy grill choices that satisfy summer hunger while simultaneously controlling calorie intake. Additionally, they recommend these foods to stave off chronic health problems ranging from cavities to breast cancer; some summer-centric, grill-friendly items include baked potatoes, salmon, and shrimp.

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Your Health

As we wander out of June and into July, let’s take stock of our lives: are we doing all we can to improve and prolong our five-pronged health leaf? As Independence Day approaches, are we really free, or do we merely rationalize our crutches? What unhealthy habits do we cling to, maybe even subconsciously? How does our daily, mindless routine affect our overall health? How do the choices you make affect your health?

When You Wake Up

Is your morning hurried and frenetic? Are you rushed, flummoxed, or listless? If possible, take a proverbial step back and ask yourself: What’s the first thing you put in your body? HealthCastle lists the Top 5 morning fruit juices to start your day. Also, a large glass of water in the morning, even before coffee, gets the blood flowing, hydrates the body, and wholly refreshes you.

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