Happy Valentimes!


No matter your feelings about Valentine’s Day, the current state of your romantic throes, or your particular plans for the lovely event, we can all agree on one prevailing prophecy: wellness is just as much a part of Valentine’s tradition as cupid, crass commercialization, and crippling emotional rejection.


Oh, so you’re of a different mind on the subject? Well… I see you’ve left me no choice. Valentine’s Day is about giving, caring, sharing, and wellness, and if I have to prove it to you, then I certainly will. No matter the Valentine’s fare—fancy meals, decadent chocolates, extravagant bouquets, annual disappointment—we can go about it healthily, happily, and smartly.

A Happy Valentine's Day from Billy Ray Valentine

A Happy Valentine's Day from Billy Ray Valentine and the Dukes

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Summer Vacation Tips

Since the blog itself recently took a vacation of its own—and because wellness360 is nothing if not topical—let’s discuss how to maintain optimal health while in the midst of your dream vay-cay. Traditionally, summertime is the most popular time of the year for an extended hiatus. So, whenever you inevitably saunter out, by land, sky, or sea, on a sabbatical, LOA, or holiday, try to maintain the healthy routine you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. For guidance, feel free to heed our handy blueprint:

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Do The Right Thing: Eat Healthy This Summer

Burgers, brats, franks, ice cream, cocktails—if you’re not careful, these summer staples can transform themselves into a one-way ticket to Obesityville, USA, population: you. Fortunately, Wellness360 has all the news you need to know to avoid that hefty moving fee and do the right thing.

Men’s Health passes down a whole menu of healthy grill choices that satisfy summer hunger while simultaneously controlling calorie intake. Additionally, they recommend these foods to stave off chronic health problems ranging from cavities to breast cancer; some summer-centric, grill-friendly items include baked potatoes, salmon, and shrimp.

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