A Healthy Dose of Politics


Here’s one ticket on whose candidacy we can all agree: our personal health. Amidst a fairly sizable financial crisis, a heated presidential election, and a slew of social and economic troubles, it’s easy to forget—but hard to ignore—that our personal health needs our attention. According to this study explicated by the BBC, the annual cost of forest loss is between $2 trillion and $5 trillion. The study monetizes the disastrous effects deforestation has on the globe and its inhabitants: the less forests we have, the less clean air we can breathe, clean water we can drink, and the less carbon is kept out of the atmosphere. $5 trillion in health damage? Say it ain’t so!


Relax, dear readers. Fortunately, we live in a world where we can effect change. We can elect wellness in 2008! How? Well, that’s the beauty of it; there are so many avenues—including the infamous financial issue that continues to hover over us all—through which we can foster healthy change. Making healthy choices, and understanding how to make them, is crucial to global wellness and vital information for your everyday life.

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National Backyard Games Week

Every year, the week before Memorial Day (this week?), Patch Products sponsors National Backyard Games Week, augmenting Physical Fitness and Sports Month by promoting, obviously, outdoor activity. Patch investigates into the origin of backyard gaming, and also provides a list of possible backyard activities for both families and groups of friends, which includes, among others, Mega-Bounce Catch and Crisscross Catch, which may or may not involve jumping around.

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The Benefits (and Potential Dangers?) of Physical Activity

We’ve provided a ton of stuff over the past week about different ideas and activities to get you and your family active and moving around: relays, BlongoBall, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, etc. While these exercises are themselves fantastic and thoughtful, they beget their own series of significant questions: Why? What’s the point? What does it all mean?

The benefits of physical activity are immense and crucial to maintaining overall health and productivity. The CDC delves into specific benefits here, detailing the various health improvements physical activity ultimately provides, recommending how much physical activity you need, and suggesting types of activities in which you can realistically participate.

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Gobs of Good Stuff: A May Fitness Roundup

Howdy: it’s still May, and we’re still staying fit and playing sports. To further endorse May’s thematic importance, we’ve gathered a veritable smorgasbord of quality info to enable us to continue our successful foray into the fitness of May. I suggest you recover from that Shakespearean eloquence and join us for the WPI Fitness Roundup!

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Being Physically Active: How to Get Started

Excited about National Physical Fitness and Sports Month? You’re not alone. Unsure about ways to get started? Wellness360 has you covered all month long: strategies, tips, tricks, blueprints, and schemes. Get your whole family involved after the jump.

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May: National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

The President has laid down the Gauntlet: May is the month to become more active, or if you’re already active, to find new and exciting physical challenges. We here at Williams-Pyro respect the President’s standards and strongly uphold our own: we encourage our employees to strive to improve their physical fitness and engage in healthy sporting competition that promotes camaraderie, teamwork, and achievement.

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