F-O-O-D Food Food G-O-O-D Good Good


I love food. Big surprise. Odds are, you probably do, too. We all do. We’re human beings. Food is delicious, sometimes nutritious, and always around, calling to us, comforting us. Like many things we enjoy, however, there are limitations. To live well, we have to eat smart: a moderate, balanced, varied diet, with plenty of water and exercise. Easy enough, right? Well, actually…

Combining food we think is good with food that is good for us can quickly become complicated, with lots of ins, lots of outs, lots of facets. We’ve touted balanced diets before, but let’s delve a little deeper; let’s find out what a typical day looks like in the lives of smart eaters… using one of our patented blueprints.

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Summer Vacation Tips

Since the blog itself recently took a vacation of its own—and because wellness360 is nothing if not topical—let’s discuss how to maintain optimal health while in the midst of your dream vay-cay. Traditionally, summertime is the most popular time of the year for an extended hiatus. So, whenever you inevitably saunter out, by land, sky, or sea, on a sabbatical, LOA, or holiday, try to maintain the healthy routine you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. For guidance, feel free to heed our handy blueprint:

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