Stymie Your Holiday Stress


Cousin Eddie: “You surprised [to see us], Clark?”
Clark W. Griswold:
“Surprised, Eddie? If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am right now.”

If you can empathize with Clark, it’s no surprise to you, then, that during the holidays, we can all get a little stressed. Sometimes, unfortunately, that stress can even contort itself into depression. But really, it’s not that surprising or even embarrassing; if anything, it’s ordinary. Juggling work, marriage, kids, and bills on TOP of shopping, planning, cooking, organizing, decorating, schmoozing, and traveling is daunting for any human. We’re mere mortals. When you prick us, do we not bleed? When you overload us with junk to buy and eat, do we not collapse? Something is rotten in Santa’s workshop. It is the winter of discontent, and we’re all under the weather. Lucky for us, Wellness360 has the antidote for these holiday afflictions.


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A Healthy Dose of Politics


Here’s one ticket on whose candidacy we can all agree: our personal health. Amidst a fairly sizable financial crisis, a heated presidential election, and a slew of social and economic troubles, it’s easy to forget—but hard to ignore—that our personal health needs our attention. According to this study explicated by the BBC, the annual cost of forest loss is between $2 trillion and $5 trillion. The study monetizes the disastrous effects deforestation has on the globe and its inhabitants: the less forests we have, the less clean air we can breathe, clean water we can drink, and the less carbon is kept out of the atmosphere. $5 trillion in health damage? Say it ain’t so!


Relax, dear readers. Fortunately, we live in a world where we can effect change. We can elect wellness in 2008! How? Well, that’s the beauty of it; there are so many avenues—including the infamous financial issue that continues to hover over us all—through which we can foster healthy change. Making healthy choices, and understanding how to make them, is crucial to global wellness and vital information for your everyday life.

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Cool, School, and Fuel

What’s cool about this time of year? Well, not the weather so much, as obvious as that is. And even though most of us are through going to school, which admittedly is kind of cool, if you’re watching your summer disappear into a textbook jacket, you probably disagree; if you’re a parent concerned about your kid’s school, that ain’t cool either. On top of that, if you’re driving to work or school, fuel costs are the last thing that’s cool. Fortunately, Wellness360 is here with healthy and helpful solutions to all of these problems: staying cool, going to school, and conserving fuel.

Staying Cool

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Safe Summer Fun

The summer season begets outdoor fun for the whole family, like biking, hiking, sailing, or swimming. These activities enable us to stay healthy, get in shape, increase or maintain physical activity, and enjoy the summer scenery. However, these endeavors are not without their share of perils.

Although the summertime is a fun time, the time to sit back and unwind, it’s also a time to stay safe and heighten safety awareness. Heathline offers up 5 essential bike safety tips, while this article from Women’s Health details all of the precautions one must take to ensure fun and safety not only while cycling, but also while lounging—seemingly innocently—in the water or in the sun.

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Men's Health

June is National Men’s Health Month. According their official website, the purpose of the month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. As everyone is well aware, June is also National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Do the two correlate? Of course they do! According to this WebMD article, men whose diets are high in nutrients found in vegetables—like vitamin C, beta-carotene, and potassium—are less likely to develop benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate.

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Tomatoes Dangereux

It’s SUPPOSED to be National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month… but the tomato is not cooperating. What gives, tomato? Something about salmonella? What’s with the suddenly hazardous behavior? Are you having problems at home? The tomato used to be delicious, all-purpose: sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizza, salad, salsa, pico, chili, bisque… can we not even eat it anymore? Can we possibly exist without it? Is the tomato a thing of the past, like dinosaurs or VHS or the show Unsolved Mysteries?

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National Stress Awareness Month: It’s almost over. However, for some of us… stress never leaves. Am I right? Yes, yes, I know. It’s true. It’s true. Workplace stress, at-home stress, hypertension, anxiety—these afflictions deteriorate your mental and physical health.

Recurrent stress can become all-consuming, crippling, and even make you, yes, YOU, unpleasant to be around. As this WebMD article details, risk factors of workplace stress include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and increased alcohol or tobacco use.

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